How to Flirt With Girls - 4 Powerful Flirting Tips For Men


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Remember back in your high school days when you first tried to learn how to flirt with girls? Probably not your finer moments with women to say the least. It's okay though, knowing how to flirt with girls is not something that a man is just born knowing how to do. It can take some time and experience, but you can learn how to flirt with women easily and become one of those men that other people refer to as being a natural" with women.

When you know how to flirt with girls, or with women, you are able to really have a much EASIER time dating. You can find a woman that you desire and make her desire you back.

Here are four powerful flirting tips to use on any woman you want:

1. Strike a provocative glance. The eyes can build a connection with a woman VERY powerfully. Women constantly rate a man's eyes as being one of the more powerful attractors that get them hooked on a man, and the best part is, you have two of them at your own disposal. Use them. Learn how to make eye contact with a woman in a way that makes her cringe with desire.

2. Use alpha male posture when you approach her. The whole thing of holding your head down or putting your hands in your pockets is not even remotely alpha. To demonstrate to her that you are indeed an alpha male, you have to make sure that your posture, the way that you hold your body speaks this as well.

3. Tease her while you are talking to her. When you flirt with a woman, the last thing that you want to fall into is to start dishing out compliments to her left and right. A couple are good, more than that and you are really over doing it. This will make you look as if you are really trying too hard to win her affection. Teasing her a bit while you are talking to her will make you seem less desperate in her eyes.

4. Let's get physical. You want to be able to escalate into physically touching a woman to really get things going with her. Flirting with your words are fine, but flirting with your body is MUCH better. Simply brushing her hair back to get it out of her eyes can be more than enough to get the physical things going. Just don't push too hard with this.

Flirting tips for men are a dime a dozen, but only a few, powerful ones will really do the trick. Want to find out which ones work best?

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