Top 9 Signs of Male Attraction


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How can you tell if a male is attracted to you? You may have mixed feelings. You aren't sure if he really likes you or if he's just playing games. Well, I'm about to share with you some signs in male attraction that will help you indicate whether of not the guy really likes you.

So, here are the top 9 signs of male attraction:

1. A good indicator that a guy is attracted to you is the way he looks at you. If he's always staring at you while watching a movie or playing a game, he's infatuated by your beauty. Or if you notice he has “the certain look" in his eyes, he's definitely attracted to you.

2. Another sign of male attraction is if he always calls you. This means he likes talking to you, which means he's definitely interested in you. If he opens up and talk to you about “personal" things or things that are important to him, that's a sign that he see you as more than friends.

3. If a guy introduce you to his family and his friends, he's attracted to you. He's introducing you for a couple reasons. To get some feedback or approval from people he love and trust, which are his friends and family. And the other reason is to include you more into his life.

4. The next sign of male attraction may seem a bit goofy. If a guy always “teases" you or “picks" on you, he's interested in you. If you closely look at how he's acting, he's actually flirting with you.

5. If a guy always make small talk with you and give you compliments, he's attracted to you.

6. Another sign of male attraction is if a guy is always wanting to hang out with you. He may not ask you on a date, but if he's always asking if you want to hang out, get something to eat, watch a movie, play a game, or whatever, he's interested in you and likes your attention.

7. If a guy always as if you're okay or seem to be protective over you, making sure that you're happy, he's interested in you.

8. Another sign of a guy being attracted to you is if he's really nice to you. If you notice that he's more nice to you than anyone else, he's interested in you. Some guys may not know how to express their feelings, so they'll either buy you gifts, give you money, or be very nice to you. They do this hoping that one day you'll notice that they want to be in a relationship with you.

9. The next sign of a man being attracted to you is if he's always giving you compliments. He may tell you that you look nice today or that your hair looks nice. If he's giving you compliments, he's probably interested in you and wants to be in a relationship with you.

These are the top 9 signs of male attraction. If a guy is doing any of the following stated above, there's a good chance he wants to be in a relationship with you.

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