Is There Any Hope That You Can Reconnect With Your Ex Girlfriend?


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A lot of time has gone by since you and your ex girlfriend have had any meaningful contact with one another and that is making you feel as though it may be time for you to just move on. There is something that does seem to be nagging at you a little bit right now and that is - you still have this lingering curiosity about whether or not you might still have some chance to reconnect with her. And, you know that if you DO have some chance at all, then you really don't want to make the mistake of moving on just yet. You would much rather reconnect with her and see if there is any way that you can go about making some kind of a romantic reconnection with her.

There is no single answer to this conundrum, so what I would advise you to do is to ask yourself a few questions that might shed a little bit of light on whether or not you might have a chance to win back your ex girlfriend.

1. Ask yourself if the reason why you still think about your former girlfriend is because you still have a lot of love for her.

People don't just fall out of love with someone overnight, especially if you had been dating that person for some time. I really don't think that it is a bad thing if you really do have strong feelings for your ex girlfriend to try and explore the possibility that you might be able to see what happens if you try and connect with her again. Think about what it would feel like for you to look back and always feel like you might have been able to win her back and know that it did not happen because you just did not try to do what you had to do.

2. Have you been actively dating since you and your ex girlfriend broke up?

It's not really that good for you to assume that your ex girlfriend is the only one that you want to be with if you don't know what it is like to be with someone else. And that includes the guys that have had girlfriends before their ex girlfriend, because time changes things and you still need to see if you are compatible with another woman. It's fine to go out and date another woman if you are single, even if there is a part of you that wants to be able to get your ex girlfriend back . And you won't really know for sure if she is the right girl for you until you see what other women are like.

3. Do you think that it would put her off to hear from you again?

Chances are, if you were cool about the break up and did not turn things into a drama fest that she would be okay with you contacting her again. Of course, that also assumes that you were an okay boyfriend at the very least while you were dating her. As long as you did not do anything crazy right after the break up and you were not a bad boyfriend while you dated her, she probably would not be that upset if you contacted your ex girlfriend.

If you are still unsure of what to do, you may want to look here: to figure out what to do if you find out that she is now dating someone else. You have to realize that if a lot of time has passed since you last had contact with her, then she might have started seeing another guy.


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