Chasing Your Ex-Girlfriend - Should You Try to Win Her Back?


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Chasing after your ex-girlfriend might seem like your only option when you are trying to win her back, but is it really the best choice that you can make? There's no question that chasing after someone, especially your ex-girlfriend, will make her want to run away from you. After all, it's only the natural reaction. So, if you want to win her back, my first bit of advice is to STOP the chase right now.

In most instances, if it really does mean that much to you, then you SHOULD try to win her back. However, you do have to be sensible about how you go about doing this. Otherwise, you could very easily mess things up royally, and end up having your ex-girlfriend be nothing more than a ghost from your past and not a part of your future.

Here are some tips to win your girlfriend back that should help a lot more than chasing after her:

1. Give her a break.

Matter of fact, give yourself a break as well. You NEED to create some kind of a buffer between you and her right now. Being too close to her will work against you and you don't want that to happen. Your time spent away from her should involve doing fun things, and not just sitting at home and waiting. Playing the waiting game is no fun at all. Get out and enjoy things even if you really want to win her back.

2. Casually date someone else.

Now, you don't want to be the kind of guy that waits around for his ex-girlfriend forever and ever. There's nothing wrong with casually dating someone else, to find out how you really feel about your ex-girlfriend and how she feels about you. Not only that, it gives her a compelling reason to rethink where she stands on getting back with you. The moment she feels a little bit jealous of you dating a new girl, she will have to admit that she still has feelings for you.

3. Strategize your way back into her heart.

With the right strategy to get your girlfriend back, you can make the whole thing as painless and seamless as it possibly can be. Most men do not have the experience of knowing exactly what they should do to get back with their ex, but the right strategy can give you the answers that you need to win her back and make her your girlfriend again.

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