Your Ex Boyfriend Has a New Girlfriend, But You Still Love Him Steps to Take


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Breaking up is typically a pretty difficult experience. It's never easy when a relationship comes apart and it's even more trying when you still have feelings for your boyfriend. Many women go through break ups only to realize that they are still deeply in love with their ex. If that ex decides that the best way to get over the relationship is to jump head first into another, it can leave you feeling pretty rejected. If your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend but you are convinced that he should still be with you, there are a few tried and true tricks that will get him looking your way again before long.

Although it seems counterproductive, when you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back, don't react emotionally when he tells you he's dating someone else. Men love being the center of attention and they also crave to be the one man many women want. If you start crying or you become angry when you first hear that your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend, you'll simply be feeding his ego. There's a very good chance that he'll be expecting you to fall apart in front of him, instead don't even bat an eyelash. Tell him that you're happy for him. That's it. No tears and no temper. He'll be left baffled by your behavior. He won't understand why you seem so calm after hearing about his new girl.

You also don't want to start asking everyone you know what they've heard about her. It's human nature to want to find something wrong with her. However, if you start your own amateur investigation, someone will tell your ex boyfriend. When this happens he'll immediately think that you're jealous. You don't want that to happen. You may be jealous, it's completely expected, but you don't ever want him to suspect that. Instead consider the fact that almost all rebound relationships end quickly.

Don't sit at home mourning the fact that he's out having fun with his new flame. Plan your own night out with friends. Don't let the knowledge that your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend dampen your fun. There's a very good chance he'll hear about your adventures from mutual friends and it will get him wondering why you seem so nonchalant about the situation. You want him to wonder, as it's that curiosity that will draw him back in.

Doing the wrong thing when trying to get your ex boyfriend back can result in him cutting you out of his life forever. There are specific methods that women can use that trigger a response in their ex that will make him feel compelled to get back together. To find out what you need to do today to get him back in your life for good, visit this Helpful Site !


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