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Consciousness Studies go beyond the realm of the natural sciences and the social sciences. Consciousness Studies can include a variety of disciplines: humanities, critical theory, comparative religion, functionism, mysticism, neuroscience, phenomenology (which describes intentionality as the basic structure of consciousness), philosophy and transpersonal psychology. The discipline of Consciousness Studies explores the human experience as it pertains to psychotherapeutic practice, behavior, spiritual exploration, idealism and religious tradition.

Consciousness Studies courses integrate classroom studies and seminars, and incorporate critical thinking, methodology, research skills, the nature of philosophical knowledge and its foundations, as well as theory. Consciousness Studies avails essential readings relevant to various principles of consciousness and allows one to instill acquired knowledge into the application of practices of healing, spirituality, education, and community.

Additional coursework often encompasses a broad variety of relevant and unique topics including but not limited to quantum approaches to comprehension of the human mind; modern science in relation to the mind; exploration of conscious emotions; cognitive neuroscience interfaced with emotions and consciousness; and expansive dialogues. Furthermore, in addition to classroom settings, consciousness studies are often provided through online learning programs and distance education courses.

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