Golf Related Back Problems


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Reducing their score is not the only worry on golfer’s minds these days. PGA players and amateur golfers suffer from back problems that don’t just hurt their backs but their scores as well. Reducing back problems may be the most important concern for golfers looking to for long term enjoyment from the game. offers golfers better back pain solutions than simply hanging up the clubs.

Tight back muscles are the leading cause of golf related back problems. The twisting and turning action that is required to play golf, takes its toll on the spine and back muscles. Injuries are far more likely when muscles are cold, so measures should be taken to warm the back up before, during and after golf. Golfers should warm up slowly and stretch with caution. It is also wise to try and walk as much of the golf course as possible verses riding to keep the body from cooling down between shots.

A very enjoyable and effective method for warming up the back is to use massage chairs. High end massage chairs offer quality massages for a fraction of the price of visiting a professional massage therapist. Some models such as the Premier Health Products PHP-2026 offer heat and vibration in addition to the standard massage functions. Heat is an excellent way to loosen back muscles before and after golf.

Another massage chair that provides a good measure of back pain relief is the Premier Health Products PHP-2022. This model offers a zero gravity reclining feature and an inversion therapy massage feature that offers relief for overused spines. This PHP-2022 has all of the traditional massage chair features plus these additional reclining features for less than two thousand dollars. You will be amazed at how loose your back feels after just fifteen minutes in a Premier massage chair.

For more information about the benefits of massage chairs, and how they can help reduce golf related back problems, call one of our staff members at 1-800-608-5488, or visit our retailers at www.elite or All of our massage chairs come with the best warranties in the business and will be sure to help keep your back healthy for the golf course.

Premier Massage is dedicated to providing an economical way for people to enjoy the long term benefits of massage. Through research and design we challenge ourselves to deliver chairs that produce the world's most human-like massage. With a focus on quality and service we take pride in passing on these benefits to our customers.


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