Dallas Cowboys' Game Analysis: Pre-Season Week 1 vs Seattle Seahawks


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I loved how Jerry Jones called out T. O. He said that Owens needs to learn to play at 80% like Deion Sanders could.

Interesting twists in the starting front seven. Two guys I doubt will make the team (Scott Shanle and Kenyon Coleman) started. I think this is kind of a last chance for these guys to show improvement. Unless injuries hit, there is no way Shanle makes the teams at LB. There are too many young guys with more upside ahead of him in my opinion.

The front seven was swarming. The stuffed the run and had 5 sacks during the game.

Ellis looked good at LB. I like the open field tackle he made early in the game. He is a huge mismatch for opposing offenses as you could see by his sack and numerous QB pressures. He also makes us huge upfront, so we should have little problem stopping the run.

Anthony Henry looked like his old self. He showed off his ball skills by breaking up a couple of passes. He did get beat a couple of times for short gains, but that will happen with him.

Skyler Green looked good as a returner. He had a good kick-off return to open the game, and one good punt return. He didn't show much as a receiver though.

All 3 backs looked good. Jones ran hard and looked quick. Barber ran with power, and Thompson looked really explosive in the open field. Barber is probably in the doghouse for bouncing his goal-line run outside for a two yard loss. I really would have like to seen Dallas score a TD on a 1st & Goal from the 3.

Tony Romo looked great. He didn't force any throws, and I love how quick he gets rid of the ball. He also showed that he is really hard to sack. He is very good at moving around within the pocket. He showed he can throw from different arm angles, and he was accurate on nearly all his passes. He showed great composure as well. The only worry I saw was the two fumbles, but both were recovered. I also like the way Parcells let him play the entire game.

The main thing I want to see the coaches do with him next week is open up the offense with him. Now I know not having T. O. was part of it, but all the passes were underneath. He didn't really have too many challenging passes, although the TD pass to Crayton was a big-time throw.

Sam Hurd looked pretty good. He got open, but dropped a couple of passes. He should make the team, but I think the media has over-hyped him quite a bit.

The pass protection was awesome. We didn't allow a sack for the whole game. Flozell Adams looked solid and Marc Colombo seemed to handle Bryce Fisher pretty well, but he had two false starts.

The run game was less than stellar, but that is to be expected with the lack of continuity within the line. I still expect the line to struggle opening lanes this season, though I'm sure we will improve. I believe we will have to rely on the passing game to open up the running game. I will say though that Colombo consistently got good blocks on his guy. He also showed he can block decently in space.

The kicking game was solid. Vanderjagt hit a short kick. Suisham barely made his short attempt, but he looked better as a kick-off guy. He still was only average at it though. If we have to get a kick-off specialist, he better at least be one of the best in the business at it. McBriar had a few short punts, but I'm not worried about him.

Patrick Crayton had a good game. He showed his excellent hands, but he still has problems with ball security. He sprained his ankle too, so that is a concern at this point.

Flozell Adams looked good against a very quick Darryl Tapp. I'm not all that worried about him now.

Keith Davis looked solid. He helped in run support and he didn't make any mistakes, which is exactly the kind of performance we need from him.

Pat Watkins looked great on special teams coverage units. He looked okay on defense, but he slipped and allowed a big play in the 2nd half.

Chris Canty was very active, he made several tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

The nose tackles looked pretty good. Ferguson was great, and Pepper Johnson was solid. He is still a better rusher than a stuffer though as evidence by his play and sack in the nickel. Stanley looked okay, but got moved a couple of times.

Kevin Burnett looked good. He was pretty active especially as a pass rusher.

Junior Glymph looked great. He is an excellent pass rusher. He recorded two sacks and a forced fumble. I don't know if there is a spot for him on the team, but if he keeps playing like this we will have to find one. He struggled against the run though.

Al Singleton looked solid last night. He will have a tough time making the team if Carpenter is ready to play significant time on Sundays. Because as I've said, Greg Ellis isn't going to play but maybe half the time in our 3-4 defense, because Parcells doesn't want to wear him out.

Abram Elam seemed to be around the wall and he is super fast, so he could be a surprise guy.

Aaron Glenn looked pretty good. He nearly made one of his vintage interceptions on a short comeback.

I like how Lousaka Polite played. He looks stronger and was a much more consistent blocker than he was last year. Expect him to make the team.

Jamaica Rector made a couple of nice catches. There will be a battle between him, Hurd, and Green for the last 2 WR spots.

Petitti looked very good. He had a couple of real nice run blocks, and he looked solid in pass protection.

Anthony Fasano didn't show much as a receiver. He got his bell run on the first series of the game. He looked okay as a blocker.

Quincy Butler made a couple of plays at cornerback. He appears to have a good shop for the 5th CB spot.

I can't get over how big Akin Ayodele looks. He is the definition of a big, strong linebacker. He had an easy touchdown in the 4th quarter, but he lost the interception. Look to see more of him next week.

Bobby Carpenter didn't seem to show a whole lot. He didn't seem to make any big mistakes though.

Jay Ratliff looks bigger and stronger than last season. He seemed pretty disruptive.

Jason Hatcher had one good pressure and he jumped on a fumble in the 4th quarter.

Keylon Kincade looked decent. I like him, but he is auditioning for another team.

Henson screwed up the Suisham field goal attempt according to Bruce DeHaven.

Punter Tyler Fredrickson had excellent hang-time on his punts. I believe he can kick-off, so if he is a decent punter he may beat out McBriar just because it would keep us from having to get another kicker.

Nate Jones had a couple of nice plays knocking two passes down.

Lenny Williams looked pretty good at CB as well, but that isn't a surprise since he played very well in Europe.

John Saldi looked good. I think he is good practice squad material. He doesn't look very strong, but he was an excellent pass rusher at Texas Tech.

Al Johnson did a good job run blocking although it was against inferior competition.

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