Why Americans Should Play Cricket


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One thing is certain that cricket is the national passion in India and I got the same feeling while roaming around in Trinidad and Tobago. Lots of Indians have come down to the Caribbean islands just to see their national team. I also came with one of my Indian friend who is taking pains to make me understand the game.

Honestly it seems a lot like baseball from outside but it is altogether different and require less of brawn compare to patience. The world cup is of limited overs match rather than a test match which last for five days. Just imagine two set of players playing for five days and still the result not sure. It is true, there is no over time to get the result as they already played it for five days. So what should one do after five days, go home and rest in peace with the feeling that there is absolutely no result of the match? No wonder the Britishers started it, who else on the planet have all the time to watch a trivial sporting pursuit for five days that too seven hours a day.

Why should one have this game played in United States?

This could be the answer George Bush is looking for job creation. Hire thousands of people to play the game and as the game last 5 days and seven playing hours a day, it can be officially termed as job with 35 working hours. If the teams are balanced they can call it a draw and start again on Monday to get the result this time around.

How it will affect the American Economy

This will be one game in United States which can provide full time employment and that too at paltry price. Forget about the costly basketball and hockey players who play couple of hours in the week and bag million. In cricket they will play for five days and will just be paid few thousand dollars. At least the game will contribute to George Bush dismal record of job creation in the economy.

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Cricket: The Global Development of Cricket
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