Improve Your Short Game With A Golf School


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How much time do you spend on your short game? Do you think a golf school specifically geared to your short game would help improve your current score? I'll bet you could shave at least 4 strokes off your score immediately after going to a golf school for your putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play.

If you're a high handicapper, I'll bet you could cut 8-10 strokes off your score! Think of how many flubbed up shots you have per round with your wedges, pitching, and chipping. Do you think you have atleast 4 or 5? How about poor putting? How many terrible lag putts did you have that lead to a “three jack"? How about missing those 3 footers?

Can you see how quickly your scores balloons with the above scenario? It's amazing how critical the short game is to scoring and yet very few golfers take it seriously. And even fewer take actual lessons or attend golf schools to improve it.

Why do you think some of the TOP pro on tour spend so much time on their short game? That's where the money is. . . plain and simple! Most of these players have a short game instructor. I know Dave Pelz works with many of the pros. His specialty is short game and putting.

If the pros use it. . . then us amateurs need it desperately!

Just think. . . there are so many little tips and secrets you don't even know about. . . that you would learn at a short game golf school .

Next time you consider taking a lesson, you might want to look into a short game specific school or just an individual lesson focusing on some aspect like putting or chipping. This approach is guaranteed to take a ton of strokes of your score!

About The Author: Curt Smith is an avid golfer, who has spent a lot of money on golf instruction, videos, schools and more. He is passionate to help the average golfer. For more golf school instruction information, visit his golf instruction guide site today!


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