The Best Way to Carry Your Bait While Fishing

Trevor Kugler

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Have you ever gone fishing with worms and had to carry that bulky Styrofoam container with you? Either in your hands or in your fishing vest? Isn't this a pain in the butt? I personally used to hate it. Then I discovered a simple solution…. . a bait sock. That's right, a bait sock. The next time that your in your sock drawer, find one of those socks that don't have a partner. Take that single sock and measure up about eight inches from where your toes would go and cut the sock off. This creates a “bait sock". Now simply use a safety pin to attach the “bait sock" to your fishing vest.

The next time you go bait fishing, especially with worms, simply remove the worms from their Styrofoam container and place them into the sock. Not the dirt, just the worms. Now you have your worms literally at your fingertips, waiting to be used. And don't worry about the little buggers crawling out of the sock, for some reason they don't. The worms just ball up together and wait. If it's hot outside simply dip the sock into the water for a moment to moisten the sock. Doing this every hour or so will keep the worms fresh and lively. Making this little bait carrier is simple, easy, and cheap, so why not give it a try?

This is an ingenious little trick that my fishing mentor came up with and I have used for upwards of twenty years. It's simple, easy, and incredibly effective. If you want a bait bag that's much more ascetically pleasing than an old sock, you can get a “bait bag" from JRWfishing, but a sock works fine as well. It's up to you, but the bottom line is that once you begin to use a bait carrier like the one I've described, you'll never understand how you fished without it.

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