The Saints Destroy Cowboys


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The Saints are on a wild trip this NFL season. Many expected them to cool off after their impressive start, but they keep on rolling. The New Orleans saints are now 9-4 on the season and the playoffs look imminent for them.

There's just three games left on the schedule and it looks like 9-7 will get you a ticket into the NFC playoff dance. Even if the Saints lose their last three games, it looks like they will be in the playoffs. Their next game is against the Washington Redskins, so they have a super shot at being at least 10-6 this season.

I don't think anyone predicted the blowout that we all witnessed on Sunday. Are the Cowbows too confident? Are there real problems just now starting to surface? Romo didn't look all that impressive yesterday. But, the problem was the Dallas Defense. They just couldn't stop anyone.

The game sure didn't turn out to be a great NFC playoff preview—if it was, the Cowboys are in serious trouble. The Saints destroyed them 42-17. The 2nd and 3rd quarters were crucial to the game. In those two quarters, the Saints put up all 42 points—21 per quarter. The Cowboys defense was lifeless.

Reggie Bush, who should have been the #1 draft pick by Houston, rushed for 125 yards and a TD. He added 37 yards receiving. While he didn't score 4 TDs this game, he did factor into it.

Speaking of good games, Drew Brees had a whale of a game. He tossed the ball around for 384 yards and racked up 5 TD passes. It looks like the New Orleans offense has quite a package built up. They are fun to watch this season.

As mentioned, the Saints battle the Redskins next week. Meanwhile, the Cowboys face another team in the Falcons who are looking to keep their NFC playoff hopes alive. They better work that defense hard this week in practice.

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