Governor of Maine’s Top Aide Facing Foreclosure Submits Resignation

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The top aide of Paul LePage the Governor of Maine facing foreclosure on five properties submitted his resignation on Saturday 16th April. The Communications Director, Dan Demeritt took this step a day after it was reported in the newspapers that he was threatened with foreclosure in the buildings. It included an apartment house that had been engulfed by arson. The resignation will take place immediately.

In a statement he said, “I have several unresolved business issues that need my immediate and direct attention. I am resigning from Governor LePage’s staff to attend to these matters. I wish the Governor and his staff complete success”. He wished LePage and his team all the best for the future in all their endeavours.

Last Friday 15th April the Kennebec Journal published a report stating Savings Bank of Maine had initiated foreclosure proceedings against the properties of Demeritt in Augusta. He runs a business named Pizza Connection here.

Demeritt informed the Kennebec Journal that he was directly holding talks with Savings Bank of Maine and was not escaping his responsibilities; he would meet his dues. Demeritt explained that the foreclosures related to many problems – due taxes, lagging behind mortgage premiums as well as challenges from business.

His headaches had started about two and a half years previously when he had targeted the equity on his existing properties to purchase other units. But meanwhile the housing sector crashed.

According to investigators in the fire department one of his buildings was set on fire. It was owned by Demeritt and was located in Randolph. The investigators did not explain how the fire was started on 9th April.

Speaking on behalf of the Department of Public Safety of Maine City, Steve McCausland said on Saturday that so far none have been accused in connection with this arson. One Andrew St. Amand aged thirty three lived in the building and he was charged for domestic violence relating to his girl friend. McCausland observed that more charges may be filed against St. Amand.

Dan Demeritt was previously the Communications Director for Maine House Republicans. He is a graduate from Colby College and is the holder of a MBA degree from University of Southern Maine.

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