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The San Antonio, Texas real estate market is still going strong even after several years of growth.

San Antonio ranks as one of the most affordable cities in the nation to purchase a new home. According to the San Antonio Express-News, “While prices start in the low $60,000s and go into the millions, almost half of all new or pre-owned sales are in the $90,000-$150,000 range. The Texas Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University calculated San Antonio's median price this spring was about $125,000. "

San Antonio, Texas routinely ranks between 80-85 in cost of living indexes compiled by various organizations. A 100 score on the index is the average for all cities in the US.

Higher cost of living areas such as cities in California and New England rank between 120-200. San Antonio real estate prices factor into the cost of living, but residents also enjoy lower utility, grocery and transportation costs.

Homebuyers who engage the services of a buyer's agent will discover that finding the right home will be much easier than going it alone. Buyer's agents help clients navigate the San Antonio real estate market by finding homes within a certain price range, area of the city, and with certain specifications.

Residents who wish to rent a house or apartment will also find that there are many choices in San Antonio. Renters can also use an apartment locator service to find the right apartment home in San Antonio.

The multi-family real estate market in San Antonio has also grown over the past few years. There are currently over 700 apartment complexes in San Antonio. According to apartment units under construction as of July 31, 2005 totaled more than 9,000.

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