Be Eligible For A Home Loan In Spite Of Your Bad Credit


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When They Catch You Off-Guard

Questions like how much money you spend monthly, your employment history and what bank accounts you have and in what condition, often make you feel a little invaded. What the lender wants to know is if it is safe for him to lend you money or not.

So it is good to be prepared for this type of question so as not to give the impression that you are hiding things. Usually, knowing about bad credit is not enough for the lender. He wants to know how you got into it and how you plan to correct it, namely, if you have a firm, positive attitude towards your financial progress.

Credit Report, An Important Complement

Now comes the information on your credit history, which your would-be lender will not take directly from you. Instead, he asks the credit bureau to which he is subscribed to send in your credit report. This is essential information which some creditors use as only evaluation of your eligibility for a loan.

What Bad Credit Does

With the aid of the loan officer, you will arrive at a convenient amount to ask for and a payable monthly instalment, based on your records. Neither of you want a problematic instance. So, you will qualify anyway, but for a smaller amount or a longer period, meaning bad credit won’t keep you away from a loan.

The Loan Officer

The loan officer wants to gain a client, so he will try to keep you happy with a loan, as well as keeping his money safe. He will surely ask what you will do with the cash, not because you have to give a reason, but to assess you better. He might even want to suggest some type of investment for the near future and assess you accordingly as well.

The Easiest Possible Loan

The easiest loan to obtain is a home loan , in which your property is the security of the borrowed money. There is a low risk for the lender, since he is entitled by law to keep your home if you do not pay back the loan. Therefore, the risk falls on you. Now, you know exactly what to do when the monthly payments are due.

You will remember the bad credit history and say “never again”. It’s just not wise. The modern trends of mainstream society drag you towards spending in advance. What is credit for, anyway? And you end up lost in debt.

Good Conditions

You can’t do anything about your credit history. That is the past. What you CAN do is to have a good attitude, improve your spending habits and not necessarily living on bread and onions. Just cutting out the surplus expenses will do.

For example, reading the newspaper costs you money everyday. The headlines on internet are free and it will only take you a few minutes to sift through the article of greatest interest to you. The rest is useless to your financial wellbeing.


Mary Wise, a professional consultant at with twenty years in the financial field, prevents consumers from falling into the hands of fraudulent lenders. In her website you will find more useful tips and interesting financial articles on this and many other related topics.

home loan in spite of your bad credit

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