Recent Real Estate Sales in Grand Blanc MI: Sell Your Home In A Bad Market Or Buy One, Bad Credit OK


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The median closing price for recent real estate sales in Grand Blanc MI was nearly $200,000. Unlike nearby cities and many areas of the state, there has been an increase in the number of recent real estate transactions in Grand Blanc MI, and in property values. Still, buying and selling may be difficult in the area for many reasons that will be discussed here.

A Bit of History

Both the city and township of Grand Blanc are located in Genesee County. The area was originally settled by the Chippewa. French traders arrived in the late 1700s. The pioneer families that followed adopted the French name, which means “Great White”. The township was organized in 1833 and the city was incorporated in 1930.

The city of Flint is the county seat of Genesee and is only a few miles north of Grand Blanc Township. While closing prices for recent real estate sales in Grand Blanc MI were good, as mentioned above, the median price in Flint, for the same period, was $74,900. The unemployment rate in Flint is nearly 8%, but Grand Blanc’s economy seems to be somewhat unaffected by the problems affecting Flint and much of the rest of Michigan.

If you have lived in the area for a while, you may have been a victim of the suffering economy. You may be struggling with “leftover” credit scores, finding it difficult to buy and thinking that your only option is renting. The truth is that if you are currently employed and can afford to pay rent, then you can probably buy a home. If you have a small downpayment and a little motivation, you can probably qualify for a lease option agreement.

A lease option (also called a rent to own ) is an excellent strategy for motivated buyers and sellers. In struggling economies, owners find it difficult to sell and many would-be home owners find it difficult or impossible to buy. For sellers, the large number of properties on the market means that each home stays on the market longer.

A number of the recent real estate sales in Grand Blanc MI were new home sales. Even though there are thousands of existing homes in Grand Blanc, hundreds of which are currently for sale, there is new construction. This means more competition for those of you trying to sell.

179 of the recent real estate transactions in Grand Blanc MI were foreclosures. In Flint, the number of foreclosures was over 1200. It is sad and amazing that two cities within a few miles of each other can have such different economies. According to the last census, the median income for a family in the city of Grand Blanc was $82,456; in Flint, $32,000.

Whether you live in Flint, Grand Blanc or anywhere in Michigan, if you need to sell your house quickly, for any reason, you need to know that there are options. Experienced real estate investors, like us, can provide those options by lease optioning your home for you and putting a tenant-buyer in there who will take over the monthly mortgage payments with an option to purchase it.

For buyers, we have credit repair programs, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and with no charge to you. . . (except a few dollars to run your credit to know what we have to do for you), we can put you into a home, as long as you are sick of wasting money on rent, and have at least $3,000 to put down to get into a home.

The recent real estate transactions in Grand Blanc MI include permits to develop Trillium Park which includes a 14 screen movie theater. Business owners, both small and large account for a large number of recent real estate sales in Grand Blanc MI.

There are many reasonably priced properties in Grand Blanc and we can help you find one, even if you have problem credit.

Dan Ho is a real estate investor in Michigan. Visit recent real estate sales in Grand Blanc MI for more information and help. is the definitive resource online to sell and buy real estate in the state of Michigan.


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