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I have always had a tremendous love and appreciation for animals. And when it comes to my pets I can honestly say that I respect them more than I respect most people. I believe that they have an intelligence and capacity to not only love but to think. I believe the intelligence of pets is underrated by most. And that is why I decided to train my gold fish, house cat and dog to fly.

First off I did this many years ago and I wasn't a professional pet trainer and never really considered myself a pet trainer per say. Actually, when I decided to train my pets to fly I was a magician.

I knew all the slight of hand tricks and all the other tricks that magicians do to make people think that magical things are happening and I didn't want this to be a magic trick but I actually wanted to train my pets to really fly.

And when I say fly I don't mean ‘fly like a bird’ but I mean to float or to levitate in the air. I decided that I could train my pets to levitate through spiritual meditation.

Each day I sat with my gold fish, cat and dog for an hour each and through mental telepathy I projected my thoughts of spiritual meditation and levitation into their brains. I did this for months and months and even though none of my pets gave the slightest hint of floating or levitating I persisted on.

After a year of these daily telepathy sessions I must admit I began to get discouraged. None of my pets ever raised themselves even a fraction of an inch off the ground. It was at this point that I was considering giving up and throwing in the towel. After all, training your pets to fly is a silly idea.

Then one day when I came home I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Upon entering the kitchen I heard a meow and the meow wasn't coming from the direction of the floor but the direction of the ceiling.

To my great surprise there was my cat hovering inches from the ceiling. I was flabbergasted! And when I turned around there was my dog floating through thin air on his way over to give me a big dog lick greeting. And finally the gold fish came floating into the kitchen. But it was gasping for air. I quickly put it back into its fish bowl.

That was one of the greatest days of my life. I had actually trained my pets to fly. But things soon turned sour. When people came over to my house and saw a dog or cat floating about they would scream and run from my house thinking that the pets were possessed by some kind of devil. And when I told them that I had trained my pets to fly they thought I was the devil.

I eventually had to untrain my pets as I realized that mankind was not ready for flying dogs and cats and gold fish. They couldn't comprehend the significance of my discovery.

Like I said, I don't consider myself a pet trainer and never have considered myself a pet trainer. I was a magician. And I guess one could say that the greatest magical trick I ever performed was training my pets to fly.

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