Roll Repair of High Frequency Welded Pipe

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High frequency welded pipe roller is an important tool for rolling work, but also rolling the major consumption of spare parts. Rolling a large number of businesses, particularly steelmakers, roller bearing bits because abrasion roll discard, accounts for a significant proportion of the cost structure and the continuity of the production process have formed a bottleneck restricting. So the roller bearing bits wear mechanisms of systems analysis to study the laws of wear and tear, the chances for damage control roll, and extend the service life of the roll are of great significance. For maintenance mode analysis can help us understand the present maintenance mode, analyze the pros and cons repairs, control repair old technology, maintenance and control of production costs.

Roller bearing bits wear mechanism

1. Rolling momentary contact with the roller, the relative speed of sliding speed the formation of large inertia, and the roll entry, neutral point and export three positions, roller bearings and bearing acting position when affordability is completely different. While advancing the process of rolling friction has obvious negative damping characteristics, thereby resulting in roll self-excited oscillation, shaft and bearing it is in a relatively tiny vibration amplitude arising under fretting, as will the number of rolling exacerbated and extended time.

2. When hot rolling temperature itself up to 1200 ?, while rolling plastic deformation and thermal rolls and rolling contact surfaces so that more roll temperature, bearing lubrication performance at high temperatures plummeted, but also can lead to various roll sizes, shapes, materials and other mechanical properties of the defects. Although the rolling process a large number of coolant sprayed on the roll to be cooled, but is in the process of rolling curve cyclical heating and cooling of the roll surface, roll bearing position, and various mill configurations as cyclical contact stress heat shock, concessions on performance and therefore causes wear.

3. Mill now widely used as a process lubricant emulsion in emulsion chemistry, aggravated wear of metal roll process, especially under high temperature corrosion of metal penetration.

Mechanism Analysis of erw steel pipe roll wear for awareness of roll wear causes are helpful, but the wear and tear eventually produced, may not be just a single abrasion causes, various factors “hybrid wear form" should be culprit.

Repair range:

1, Black, colored strip and section mill with repair spare parts, recycling: the beginning of the roll, blooming rolls, vertical roll, backup roll, part of the work rolls (cold rolls, cast-iron roll neck bug fixes), edging roll, looper roller, tension roller, rollers, guides wear mill, rolling mill guides and other complex repair and regeneration.

2, Continuous casting machine spare parts repair and spare parts manufacturing complex: billet, slab caster casting rollers, straightening rollers, regeneration and repair of nip rolls, rollers, caster guides and new pre-roll protection, repair and regeneration.

3, Machinery and other industries workpiece regeneration and repair of composite manufacturing: mining, petrochemical, machinery and equipment wear parts, power plant coal grinding rollers, cement squeeze roll.

4, Parts of the surface hardening, patching techniques: surface hardening layer of ultra-fine, high strength and toughness, high wear-resistant alloy layer, can greatly improve the work life of the technology may be formed in the roll surface of the part. Repair the defective parts, such as casting defects, partial absence of forging, machining parts locally by mistake size too small and so the repair.

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