Zero Air Gas Generators and its Product Feature

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Zero air may be defined as filtered ambient air which contains total hydrocarbons as less than 0.1 parts per million or PPM. Here hydrocarbon content actually means methane gas (CH4). There are various air generators in the market producing zero air gas which produces zero air out of compressed air after passing through catalytic oxidation. This zero air gas is required to fulfil so many purposes in industrial applications.

ZA series zero-air generators produce zero air gas which is equivalent to UHP air cylinders. UHP gas means instrument grade pure gas which is used for calibration gas applications. These generators may be available with or without air compressor internally. The incoming air after getting compressed internally, air is heated at 400 degrees Celsius and is made to pass through the catalyst chamber where platinum is used as a catalyst. Whatever free carbons available in the air are made to oxidize to create carbon dioxide and free hydrogen atoms are combined with oxygen to form water. In this way by oxidation the free carbon particles and the free hydrogen atoms are eliminated from the air supply.

The purified air is passed through the cooling system and cooled down at the temperature for external uses. The zero generators in Z series hold unique features. The generator is producing purified zero air gas and the generator is compact in design. It provides the supply of pure zero air gas in consistent mode. You can install the generator in an easy way. No difficulties will arise in installing the system. The generators require low maintenance and this is very much cost effective. This type of generators increases the productivity.

The zero air gas is used to GC-FIDs as an oxidant supply and for the process of analytical instruments. As the zero air gas contains a minimum number of hydrocarbons, it can create a very good baseline in compared to the fuel-air which are used as conventional sources of air. Zero air gas may be used in environmental equipment for calibration purpose. The zero gas is also in chromatography in flame ionization detectors. The huge areas of applications enhance the necessity of the production of zero air gas.

Zero air gas generators are also used for total hydrocarbon analyzers. Composition of zero gas is 20.5 % of oxygen with 77% of nitrogen. Hydrocarbons are in traces as 0.05 parts per million or PPM. The zero gas is used in wide commercial applications. Pressure of the gas is kept near about at 13700 K Pa. Properties of the zero gas is odourless, colourless with nontoxic effect. Type of gas is specialty gas. The zero gas is actually gas in compressed mode with purified air. The zero gas also supports combustion.

So, from the above discussion, it is clear that the zero air gas is widely acceptable to industries due to its wide applications in the market. That is why the requirement of the generation of zero air gas is enhanced. It is utilized in various fields due to low content of hydrocarbons as pure air gas not just enough to establish all the required performances. Capilllary Column


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