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An ink cartridge used in sophisticated printers is an electroic device that contains colored cases or chemicals. These deliver inked impression on impact on the paper on black and white or color as the case may be.

The printers are manufactured by many companies some of which are leading brands. These companies also manufatures accessories like the ink cartridge. The branded accessories are priced higher hence many non branded players are present in the market. This has certainly set up a price war since non branded products compete using a low price strategy.

Further the presence of many types of printers gives rise to plethora of ink cartridges. This hence broadens the market scope for buyers internationally.

The ink cartridges like many other types of accessories are available with the stationary products manufacturers and dealers. The retailers or wholesalers sell inkjet cartridges from manufacturers as well as accessories manufacturers . The latter offers cheaper rates but sometimes quality can be doubtful. Since the cost involved in this case is substantial technological innovations are being carried out to extend use or minimise ink flow.

Other options are refills and bulk refills which bring the cost down substantially. The continuous refilling systems as a series of cartridges conected to bottles acting as reservoirs for ink. This is a cost effective method but is preferred by consumers with large scale printing jobs. New entrants like Kodak have entered the market with cheaper printers and cartridges. The aleady clustered market has been set on fire by the new entrants. Other options that may emerge later with possibility of substituting electronics are also on cards.

Businesses and small scale users have evolved strategies to cut down the printing cost. They resort to bulk purchases or seek variants that cost less. The competition is a big leveler and many a times manufacturers have to offer huge discounts on bulk purchases. Many businesses shape their strategies such that they are able to make good use of offers available.

The advent of Internet has changed how we conduct businesses and make pruchases. All major manufacturers, dealers, retailers have their websites selling statinary items. The availability of information on ink cartridges online is instant and complete. The comparision websites offer information leading to price, schemes and technology on their charts. This makes it easier for buyers to purchase whenever the costs are low.

The price wars benefit the users but usage can also be damaging to the environment hence refill is the best option.


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