Feeling Good About Yourself on Your Wedding Day


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Many think it is a foregone conclusion that a bride is bursting with happiness on her wedding day.

The truth is that many brides are actually quite apprehensive about their big day.

That is not to say that you are not excited but you have so much on your mind that sometimes it’s hard to relax and just enjoy the big day.

In addition, being the centre of attention for the entire wedding day can fill many girls with dread.

So, what can you do to be confident and happy on your wedding day?

Firstly, you have to accept that nerves are a natural part of the day and are very much to be expected.

Nerves bring adrenaline - which is a good thing - but be sure not to let it get out of hand. You can help this by not drinking too much coffee on the morning of the wedding. Any stimulants can make you feel shaky and light-headed.

You should try and eat a small breakfast with a fresh fruit juice. This will settle your stomach and keep you grounded. Try and stay away from the champagne until after the ceremony if possible too.

At any point in the day when you are finding nerves are overtaking you such as when you are getting ready or walking down the aisle focus on your breathing. Concentrate on taking deep breaths - in through your nose and out through your mouth. Count at least 5 of these in your head if you feel a panicking moment coming on.

You should also try to visualise yourself a calm, elegant, gentle and confident bride. Be conscious that every move you make should be slow. This way, you will be less likely to trip over, spill something or panic. Focus on your breathing too and try to keep calm. A calm bride is usually a happy one!

When it comes to saying your vows, concentrate on the words you are saying. Try to look into your man’s eyes as you are speaking. If possible, ignore everyone else [just for this bit] and then you won’t worry as much about what you are doing. Remember to speak slowly and clearly which will keep you calm and confident.

At the reception, it is often easier to relax. After all, you are now married and the hard bit is out of way. By the same token, you are also sitting down and this naturally makes the body feel more comfortable and at ease. It is now your turn to share some of your confidence with your husband as he says his speech. Look at him as he speaks, smile proudly and nod enthusiastically as he speaks. This will make him feel more secure.

Don't forget that if you are well organised and got everything well planned, this will give you confidence and comfort. Try to get all your wedding plans arranged early so you don't run out of time -or this will make you panick! Get things like wedding favours ordered in plenty of time so there's no last minute stressing!

And above all, have a fantastic day!

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