How to Choose the Best Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer?

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Criminal cases like murder, rape, abduction, assault and abuse are not as simple as cases that involve drunken driving and traffic signal jumps. Criminal cases are those cases that involve high profile lawyers, money, power and hardcore crimes that come with the above. In addition to severity, these cases are also time consuming, expensive and emotionally very tasking. Handling these cases by yourself is near to impossible and even if you choose an ordinary criminal lawyer, your chances of winning are fairly less. Given that criminal case outcomes are generally very severe in their nature and duration, losing is not an option at all. If you are fighting a criminal case in Philadelphia and looking for a criminal lawyer to defend your case, you must ensure that you choose the best one of the lot. All the best Philadelphia criminal lawyers will have the following 5 traits in common. Make sure the criminal lawyer you choose exhibits each one of these traits.

1. Empathy

The first trait that you must look for in a Philadelphia criminal lawyer is empathy. There’s no way your lawyer can defend you and fight for you, unless he/she understands the situation you are in. Before finalizing on a particular criminal lawyer, set up an initial consultation and see how the lawyer treats you. Ensure that the lawyer values time, is receptive to your case, shows a great deal of personal interest and also offers some kind of moral support, if not assurance to win the case. All the best criminal lawyers in Philadelphia are empathetic towards their clients and treat each case as their own.

2. Aggression

Aggression is certainly associated with crime and criminal lawyers are not an exception to this. The lawyer you choose must have an aggressive approach towards the case and always make sure that his/her argument is heard in the courtroom. Criminal cases often see a lot of fierce discussions, accusations and other drama that demand ferocity and command from criminal lawyers.

3. Experience

State laws keep changing on a regular basis and Philadelphia is no exception to this. Law is an extensive field of study and when it comes to criminal cases, a criminal lawyer must be 100% legally correct while making the argument. The best Philadelphia criminal lawyers will have years of experience in practicing law, studying opponent lawyers and coming up with mew strategies and arguments every now and then.

4. Intelligence

The best Philadelphia criminal lawyers will not only be experienced but they will be immensely witty and smart. Spontaneity, out of the box thinking, eye to detail and shrewdness are the basic traits of a criminal lawyer. And you want only the best and the smartest of these criminal lawyers.

5. Influence

Lastly, the best criminal lawyers in Philadelphia will be one of the most influential lawyers in that region. Years of experience and networking will help these lawyers closely acquaint with judges and even the opponent lawyers. You need a Philadelphia criminal lawyer who has a good name and reputation in the Philadelphia region.

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