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Like in every other state, there are statutes governing DWI laws in Houston. Houston DWI laws are there for defining a DWI crime and govern the legal consequences arising out of this offense. To make it simple, Houston DWI law defines DWI as driving while intoxicated. This could include driving a vehicle under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. With the burgeoning motor population and the increase in the number of road accidents, DWI laws have also become harsher. You can easily lose your license if you have one swig too many. One good thing about Houston DWI laws though is that it has definitely brought down the accident rate due to drunken driving in Houston.

Houston DWI laws include implied consent laws. Implied consent laws mean that when the department of motor vehicles issued a driver’s license to you in the past, you had legally agreed to or implicitly agreed to submit to chemical testing at the request of a law enforcement official, as and when you are required to do so. If you fail to consent to these laws, then you are in danger of further enhancement of your punishment.

Punishment can be further enhanced under a variety of circumstances. If you have a prior Houston DWI conviction, you will naturally face stiffer penalties for subsequent DWI offenses. DWI conviction is also harsher when excess speeding is involved or when children are involved in the accident or during cases where the defendant has a particularly high level of oxygen in the blood. The alcohol percentage in the blood in Houston should not exceed 0.08 or more. A felony DWI conviction means that the conviction remains permanently on your record.

If one is convicted under Houston DWI laws, one can be jailed, may have to pay punitive fines, undergo mandatory drug and alcohol treatment, and so on and so forth. DWI laws in the extreme can have your license revoked or suspended, for a particular period of time. It therefore makes a lot of sense to know about these laws and try not to get caught napping while in a DWI situation. You can go through online resources for exhaustive details on Houston DWI laws.

Houston DWI Lawyers provides detailed information on Houston Alcohol Treatment, Houston DWI Arrests, Houston DWI Defense, Houston DWI Fines and more. Houston DWI Lawyers is affiliated with Houston Criminal Lawyers .


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