How To Optimize Web Design Easily


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Webmasters who believe that there is no need to optimize web design are on a state of SEO confusion. This belief will lead to the failure of the overall search engine optimization process. It is important to optimize your site’s design along with other factors like your site’s content, links, page titles and Meta tags.

An optimized web design is one that is search engine friendly. Its structure must be recognizable for the search engine spiders and crawlers. Optimizing web design is done for the purpose of making your website more navigable and spiderable for the search engine spiders and crawlers.

Web Design Elements To Optimize

Here are four of the most important elements of web design that you must take into consideration as you endeavor to achieve a more search engine friendly web design:

  • HTML Element

    The HTML codes that you use on your web design must be in compliance to the HTML standards widely accepted on the internet. Non-compliant HTML codes make it difficult for the search engine spiders and crawlers to spider the entire website and index it. This implies that it would be impossible for a website using non-compliant HTML codes to rank well on the search engines and its result pages.

  • CSS Stylesheet Element

    What is the use of a CSS Stylesheet in your web design? CSS Stylesheet allows you to standardize the overall appearance of your website. You can either use internal or external CSS; however, it is advisable to use the external CSS Stylesheet rather than the internal CSS stylesheet. This is due to the fact that external CSS Stylesheet allows your HTML codes to be concise.

  • Navigation Menu Element

    External JavaScript must be utilized in creating the multiple level navigation menu of your web design. This allows you to separate the HTML codes from JavaScript. Remember that the search engine spiders and crawlers find it easier to read plain HTML files. An effective web design optimization recommends this separation rather than the usual navigation menu in Javascript.

  • Graphic Element

    Although some resources tell you to quit using graphics, you can still use it in your website. But you have to minimize the file size of the images you will upload. And remember that the search engines prefer text rather than graphics so you should avoid using a lot of graphics on your website especially on the top portion of the page.

    These elements need to be optimized if you want to come up with a search engine friendly web design. And more than this, an optimized web design adds to your website’s chance of getting higher rank on the search engines and its result pages.

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