Supply & Demand - Stop Attacking Good SEO Companies!

Martin Lemieux

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As I read the latest news online about what Google has done to many webmasters all over the world, I am left discussed towards some of the comments people are making against SEO Companies.

Please don't be quick to blame seo companies. We are also loosing search engine ranking just as much as you are in areas that aren't even related to seo.

Let's take a look at SEO companies. . . Who created the need for seo companies? Search engines and webmasters did. The very same people who created a demand for seo companies are sometimes the same people who are trying to discredit them.

Here's how I come to that conclusion: I keep reading that seo companies are trying to manipulate web pages, title's, descriptions, key phrases etc in order to get a better ranking. Well why not?

In the off-line world of marketing, there are 1000's of marketing teams all over the world trying to figure out what people want! Aren't they trying to figure out what seo companies are trying to figure out in the end? how to get more sales?

Without going overboard with keywords and key phrases, creating a quality page is what we should all strive to do! Hopefully those who do saturate their pages with key words and key phrases get penalized and hopefully somehow in the future, search engines can tell them why they are being penalized. The unfortunate part is that since search engines don't tell you why your site has been penalized, you're left to blame someone, and like what most people do in that circumstance, you forget to blame yourself as well.

For the most part, getting a better ranking is typically done from having relevant information. So if we have relevant information, then what are we doing wrong? As SEO companies, we're trying to give you better relevant information than anyone else.

There's only one strategy I see online that gets me mad. When an seo company not only saturates their pages but they fail to create new and more content for their users. Instead they market what they have and never give their users more information for a better experience. A web site is never complete and should always plan on adding more visitor interaction.

A true SEO Company strives on giving their clients users - a more relevant experience by utilizing certain techniques.

Isn't there always going to be a bad apple in the group? SEO Spammers - They are the companies you should be attacking. You can usually pick them out in a heart beat. Typically seo spammers are the companies that advertise something like this on their site. . .

"Get in the top 10 rank for any key phrase you want!" or “Top 10 search engine rankings guaranteed"!

Baloney. Don't believe them for one second. If they could seriously get those Results all the time, then, wouldn't everyone be in the top 10?

Why Then Are SEO's Making A Fortune? People want seo companies, the average owner doesn't have the hours, the weeks, and possibly the years it takes to learn how to advertise online properly.

Hense why seo companies are born. It's like ANY industry in the world, where there is a demand; there will always be a supplier for them. On that same note, where there's money to be made, there will always be fakers, spammers, scammers and crooks.

What I Recommend: If you are going to search for an seo company. Don't look at how many testimonials they may have or don't look at how many promises they make. I suggest finding out who their clients are and contacting them directly to personally ask them questions about the seo company they chose and why!

In Conclusion: Please stop attacking ALL Seo companies since your not only attacking the companies future but your also attacking the future of the families at home who are surviving from them.

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Martin Lemieux is a young entrepreneur from Canada who is trying to do his part in making the online experience a better one. He is the owner of & - dedicated to web design and online advertising.


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