Two Newer Methods To Ensure Your Emails Are Read If You Are An Online Marketer


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As a internet marketer, one would know how important it is to have a mailing list and to send regular email messages, either as a newsletter, or an ezine or just as a friendly email to communicate and channel the marketing message across to the potential clients.

Modern day marketing, as in the olden days, revolves around weaving a relationship with the potential clients. These clients are those who have opted to get on a email list operated by the online entrepreneur, and in the process of regular mailings, the online entrepreneur builds up a relationship with the readers, who sees him as a reliable supplier of news, information and as an expert whom they can listen to and trust. Upon this relationship, sales are made through these regular mailings.

But what happens when the issue of spam gets into the picture, and almost everyone is setting spam filters and controls, and even innocent emails are sent to the potential spam box, if they contain an identified objectionable word designated for the spam junk mail box?

Some online marketers rely on a two prong approach, posting their email messages on to a members’ website or forum, and followed by a regular email message to ensure that members get to know that their email messages are posted.

This, while helpful, is still dependent on the second email as a tipster or communication, to let the client knows of the presence of a new posting. This is of course a drawback. So what can we do to overcome this inherent drawback?

The solution is to use the RSS technology. Using simple but yet newer technology revolving around the reformating of your email message into an RSS feed, and getting your potential clients or your mailing list members to subscribe for that RSS feed through a RSS reader or a free RSS web reader-client contained in the accounts of major search engines such as the “My Yahoo" or “Newsgator" or the “My MSN", each email message is guaranteed to reach the member as a RSS feed. This is because no spam will get into the feed and into the RSS reader account.

Another method with good results is to run a “safeadlist". A safeadlist is NOT a safelist, because it is more a web based membership list where emails are guaranteed to be read. This is ensured because the member is given credit points to read the emails, and credit points are given and reduced as the emails are read or sent. Touted as “guaranteeing the future of all safelists", the safeadlists are worthy of the consideration of every online marketer as a serious and alternative to ensuring your emails are read everytime you send them out.

So if you are an online marketer, and you are thinking of increasing your chances of your emails being read, consider these two interesting and proven methods to get your marketing message out . . . . and read.

Peter Lim is a Certified Financial Planner and marketing strategist. He provides tips and resources for the serious marketer on email marketing at and runs a ezine directory listing many of the accessible ezines in the world today at


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