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Spend Money to Make Money

As online shopping becomes increasingly more popular around the world, many sites are now offering consumers ways to earn money back while they shop. These are called ‘cashback sites, ’ and they are growing more and more popular among consumers of all ages, demographics, and tastes.

Here’s how they work. Whenever a customer wants to earn cashback for shopping online, all that consumer needs to do is log into a cashback website with his or her account. People can sign up for an account in mere seconds, and accounts are 100% free! Once the consumer has logged in, they can search for the store they want to purchase from. If the cashback site has a current partnership with that store, then the customer can earn money on all of the purchases she or he makes from that store via the cashback site. Normally, cashback rates are indicated as a percentage of the total purchase, and the customer will automatically be notified as to how much cashback he or she has earned. Easy as 1-2-3!

How Much Money?

There’s virtually no limit to how much cashback a customer can make at a cashback site. Typically, cashback rates are fairly low, at 1 or 2% of the total purchase. However, sometimes cashback rebates can get all the way up to 30, 40, or 50% of the purchase, depending on the site and any current promotions. Retailers also offer special cashback promotions that can double or triple the regular cashback rate a store offers.

For customers who shop regularly at specific stores, it’s definitely worth it to research whether those stores are partnered with any cashback sites. Even if the customer is only earning a small percentage of cashback on each purchase, that money can quickly add up over time. Plus, frequent shoppers are often given bonus cashback rebates for their loyalty to the company.

Which Cashback Sites are the best?

There are many cashback sites to choose from, so it’s important that consumers choose their sites carefully. Some cashback sites partner with larger, departmental stores, while others partner with smaller, more boutique businesses. Some cashback sites offer “signing bonuses” for new customers, which is a nice little incentive to get consumers shopping via their sites. Other cashback sites offer bonuses for friend referrals. In many cases, the referee also earns a percentage of whatever cashback his or her friend earns. The more friends a customer refers, the more money he or she makes.

Convenient and Smart

Online shopping has become increasingly popular for multiple reasons: it’s quick, it’s convenient, and customers have a wider access to goods and services than they often do in their own neighbourhood, town, or city. However, shipping costs can be very expensive, so why not earn money to put towards shipping costs and future purchases by shopping strategically on Cashback sites?

People can purchase anything through cashback sites: clothing, household items, groceries, even airplane tickets. If you want to make a lot of cashback at once, consider buying some of your bigger ticket items (electronics, furniture, airplane or travel tickets) via a Cashback site.

Lemoney is one of the best cashback and coupon sites offering customers discounts, coupon codes and the option to earn money through online shopping and community commissions. To learn more, visit Lemoney.Com/FAQ.


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