Ecommerce SEO for Improving Search Engine Rankings

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It is believed that among the different genres of websites, the ecommerce sites are most difficult to optimize. Different reasons range from huge number of pages in the sites to limitation in textual content. Here we shall discuss about some of the effective ecommerce SEO techniques that helps to optimize your sites rankings online.

• In the ecommerce sites, content is generally presented in the form of product descriptions. The importance of product description in ecommerce site must never be ignored. Search engine spiders can read texts better than the images. It is a good way to optimize product description of the target keywords.

• Name of products listed on each of the pages offer a good scope of SEO. You must use commonly searched terms along with name of the products. For instance, if you are selling a turquoise colored dress online, for best results you must use the term “blue green dress” rather than “turquoise dress” and mostly people will use blue green, blue when they search color of the dress.

• Navigation of the website plays important role in ecommerce SEO. Different products must be categorized based on the categories and it must be easy for the customers to locate what they are looking for in the site. Too many sub pages must be avoided and all pages must be accessed from the home page.

• Your business must be submitted to the Google Places. Optimizing on location is one of the most effective SEO trick. You can offer details about your business and optimize it with the right keywords, so that your site appears in the local searches.

• Connecting with customers on the social media and sharing links to your website on relevant communities is a good SEO ( strategy. You can create interesting write ups on products on your website and encourage sharing call to action and prominent social media icons.

• Utilize the unique images and videos about products in your ecommerce site. You can optimize images and videos via the Google video and images search. If you are an online retailer you website is likely to have beautiful pictures. You can use them for better search engine rankings.

Sharing adds dynamism to your website and helps improve rankings.

Some of the best ecommerce SEO practices that must be followed are as follows:

• You must not copy a product description, not even from the site of the manufacturer. The product description must be interesting, unique and original. The same principal is for the titles as well.

• Review pages are dynamic because of feedbacks and comments posted by the users. Search engine spiders like dynamic sites. So you must not forget to add review page in your ecommerce site.

• You must not ignore the important URLs of your website.

You need to keep in mind that SEO translates to better business, constant increase of the client base and multifold increase in profitability.

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