Why Use Autoresponders For Your Internet Marketing?


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If you’ve spent any time at all online, you’ve likely received an email message sent as an ‘autoresponder, ’ even though you wouldn’t necessarily know it.

It may have been as simple as that familiar, inter-office reply that tells you the recipient is ‘out of the office. ’ Yes, that’s an autoresponder.

More common than that ‘out of the office’ reply is the autoresponder used as a marketing tool - a very valuable marketing tool!

If you’re selling on-line, or if you want to, here’s why autoresponders are really a must in order to maximize what you can accomplish as an on-line marketer.

First of all, using autoresponders is one of the best ways to automate your business and ‘multiply’ yourself, in effect.

This happens when you use the features of pre-writing each message, and pre-programming a schedule for when each message goes out. You can set these up to go out every few days, every week, or once a month, whatever is appropriate. You can write as many messages as you want, and they will go out, automatically, for weeks, months, even years!

And you don’t have to touch it, unless you want to. How much time would that save you in the all-important task of follow-up? Could you get anything else done if you were always responding to your prospects and even your current customers?

Now if you’re building a business, and you don’t have many visitors requesting information yet, you might still wonder why an autoresponder will help you now.

Regardless of how many visitors you now have, you simply MUST work towards capturing as many ‘opt-ins’ as possible. What can you offer your visitors? There’s many ways to accomplish this. What’s important is providing a strong enough incentive so your visitors willingly provide their name and email address, so YOU start building a list, one of THE all-important goals for any business owner.

Once this list starts to grow, it will become one of your most valuable assets. But this growth also means you won’t want to spend all day, answering individual inquiries about your business and what you provide. That’s where autoresponders come in.

They help you stay immediately responsive to prospective customers, and build the long-term relationships that convert prospects into customers. In this way, using autoresponders are always worth your time and the investment, which is very affordable.

Most autoresponder systems also allow you to send out the occasional ‘broadcast’ message to your entire list (or lists), when you have news or a special offer you want them to know about. And that doesn’t cost you anything extra!

The fact is, using autoresponders is one of the required tools used by all successful on-line marketers. They ARE that valuable.

Tim Genster is a 20-year Marketing Communications Professional, and the owner of Local2Global Marketing Communications in CT, USA. He is a Certified ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ Coach and Certified Master Web Copywriter. Get his FREE, 34-Point, Proprietary Evaluation of your current website’s ‘selling power’ at: http://www.local2global.biz


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