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Wholesale electronics offers resellers high profit margins along with high volume sales, when done right.

Resellers, whether flea market vendors, eBay sellers, or dollar stores, will be faced with competition from online and offline retailers who can buy wholesale electronics at a lower price.

To outmaneuver this competition in the wholesale electronics business, resellers need to have a strategic plan in place.

Part one of their plan deals with finding the best sources for wholesale electronics at the lowest possible prices.

For this reason I would recommend resellers to stay away from drop shippers when looking for wholesale electronics.

Since the drop shipper is set up to offer his products to thousands of other resellers, you will not be able to compete based on price. All the resellers are paying the same price to the wholesale electronic drop shipper, so how can your prices be lower?

When looking to buy wholesale electronics you want to get as close to the source as possible.

Since you will not be able to buy brand name wholesale electronics for a lower price than major retailers can, you will want to look for lesser known wholesale electronic sellers.

For instance, ABC Electronics might not have the name recognition that Sharp enjoys, but you can show customers that the quality is the same, and as long as your prices are lower some customers should buy the wholesale electronics manufactured by ABC Electronics.

When you contact these companies looking for wholesale electronics ask them for their overstock, overrun, and closeout deals. You would be surprised at the wholesale electronics deals you can find from small manufacturers that are looking to move merchandise out.

You can find great wholesale electronics deals but it will take some solid leg work.

Donny Lowy is the CEO of http://www.closeoutexplosion.com , an online wholesale and closeout business, and http://www.wholesalecloseoutforum.com , an educational site for the wholesale and closeout business.


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