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Edmund Loh

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Planning to sell a group of Resell Rights products? Well, I do have some success tips to share with you!

[1] Ensure that the products are of the same theme.

For example, if you are targeting the writers market, then the Resell Rights products you acquire must be writing-related to form the group of products. The more focused your package is on your target market and the bigger your target market, the higher chances of success you will sell your package.

[2] Sell a group of products at one affordable price.

The reason I said “affordable" and not “cheap" is because you want to convince your prospects of the value they are getting from purchasing your package and the same time, make a reasonable amount of money on your part.

[3] Write your own persuasive sales letter.

Most Resell Rights product authors allow you to freely use and edit their principal sales letter. Therefore you can create your own sales letter that pitches the benefits of each product to your prospect simply by copying and pasting the benefits pitched by the principal sales letter for each product.

Also, you must convince that your prospect will be getting a whole lot more for only one price, and that it would have cost them even more if they acquire the Resell Rights products individually.

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