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In the Internet market, every day we face new challenges and no one is out of this game, not even giants as Google and Yahoo, who as others, have also the necessity of finding a trustful and competitive web analytics tool.

Many of you know that one of the Google's weakest links has always been the web analytics, in opposition to his closest competitor Overture (owned by Yahoo), who 3 years ago acquired KeyLime (a web analytics software company) for its own usage. As a step ahead, Google recently announced the purchase of Urchin, in order to compete with Overture offering a better statistics option to their customers.

In the other hand, we have a well known participant called WebTrends, who had been sold by NetIQ after only 3 years since they acquired it; why? We didn't find a specific reason however it seems to be that their clients were not satisfied by the given support service, plus the hard competence from other players as ClickTracks, who released the ClickTracks Professional edition, were strong reasons to determine its sale.

As from my own experience I've seen that ClickTracks, being an independent vendor, is constantly working on new products such as their new release: ClickTracks Optimizer (great for mid/large size web sites), and adding to the existing ClickTracks Analyzer and Pro editions new marketing oriented features and upgrades options, in order to satisfy their customers around the world and assist them while taking important decisions.

Mr. Daniel Katz is the Business Development Manager at Compucall Web Marketing Ltd - experts in International Web Marketing and Marketing Strategies.


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