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Keywords are basically words and phrases that can describe your website and different pages. To achieve a good placement, on search engines, you must have the appropriate positioning and density of keywords or phrases you chose. Keep keywords on topic and they will greatly help your site when ranked on search engines.


Page URLs are the first thing that search engines see when they crawl your site. A very easy SEO tip is to include keywords in your URL titles. This will provide even more keys words for the search engines. Your URLs should also be easy for search engines to read.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are information tags that are placed in a web page that are not seen by users. They are intended for search engines and other applications. These are getting less and less important but keywords placed as meta tags will always help.

Title Tags

Title tags are used to describe your site or page. Here is another great place to put keywords. In fact you should only place keywords in the title.


Content is the key to any good website. Users come to your site because the content is helpful and interesting. Within the content is where the keywords should be. You should make sure all content is spelt correctly and you use the correct grammar. I cannot emphasize how important content is - It is everything!!!

Quick Summary

There are some easy steps you can take to improve your search engine ranking. Some easy steps include: putting keywords within your content, meta tags and title tags. Your URLs should be easy to read and contain keywords. You should also write good quality content that contains keywords, should be spelt correctly and should contain the correct grammar. All of these are simple SEO tips that can improve your search engine rankings.

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