3 Easy Ways to Find Out What eBay Buyers Want


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What if you could find the exact items people want to buy off of eBay? The key to getting started on eBay is to find a hot product to sell and stick with it. If you were to corner the market on one particular item, your work load would decrease dramatically.

How exactly can you do this?

You could take the time to research on eBay for weeks, months, maybe even years to find the perfect product. But thanks to the geeks of this world, there are software developers that are clever enough to come up with easy to use software that can help you find that perfect selling product.

I’ve found that three software packages are amazing for just this. They’re all easy to use and yield amazing results. The hardest part is choosing between them.

1. Hot Item Finder

You know how earlier I said you could research for weeks, months, years…? Well, doing manually what this software does for you in minimal amounts of time would certainly fall into the latter category. Even if you were an excellent eBay researcher, it would take you loads of time to do this type of research. This software will help you analyze each category on eBay to see what the most popular items are and which items are selling the best. You will be able to find the best keywords to use in your auctions and you even have the capability of spying on your competition to see what and how they are selling. It really lives up to its name.

Let me warn you, these next two pieces of software are some of the cleverest ways to find out what eBay buyers want. One of them is developed by the same person who developed the aforementioned Hot Item Finder, so you can trust its reliability. The second piece of software is one I’ve just discovered and love it just the same. These two really come down to preference, because there purpose is generally the same.

2. Auction Yen

Let’s say you want to start your own brick-and-mortar store and you’re brainstorming for ideas of what to sell. Then you come up with an idea to let people fill out a piece of paper that basically states: “What I want to buy. ” If you had access to thousands of people, I think you’d get an idea of what people want in a store.

eBay’s Want it Now feature does just that, though with millions of visitors each day, you have a lot better chance to find what it is that eBay buyers want.

Just like the Hot Item Finder, Auction Yen is an eBay research tool. However, Auction Yen takes your research to the next level by extracting information from the Want it Now section. It basically searches out the total posts of a particular keyword and the total responses. It then rates each keyword by the amount of posts compared to the amount of responses. The results with the most amount of posts and the least amount of responses are rated the highest for profitability.

3. The Auction Inspector

I could say that the only difference between Auction Yen and The Auction Inspector is their names, but that wouldn’t be fair. The Auction Inspector essentially does the same thing, but it does it just as effectively with a different interface. It really comes down to preference between these two pieces of software, but I couldn’t go without mentioning both. The slightly lower price and a bonus eBook may be an incentive to buy The Auction Inspector. Either way, you’ll uncover hidden niches and find products you’d never thought of using The Auction Inspector.

You can spend all your time researching on eBay for that next hot item to sell, or you can invest a small price for excellent, dependable software that will have you up and selling an amazing product on eBay in no time.

Like I said, the hardest part is choosing between the three.

KJ King
© 2007

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