Make Money on eBay - Combine Other Sales Channels into Your eBay Business

Bob Hamilton

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One of the great things about today’s world is that there is an almost limitless number of ways to market items. In fact many options that were once only available to major enterprises can now be successfully used by entrepreneurs who are working from their home. You can make money on eBay and then make even more by expanding into other marketplaces.

Once the right options are identified it is possible to create a very complementary set of marketing options for items that you sell. While you continue to make money on eBay sales growth can be achieved by using other outlets. When eBay sales slow other outlets can help to offset the decrease.

Just a few of the many options include opening other online sales outlets. This might include online stores, other auction sites, or direct marketing. Do you already make money on eBay? Any or all of these options could enhance sales and they could be very complementary to your successful eBay business. Just be sure that you don’t violate eBay rules.

Brick and mortar stores can be another great way to grow sales. eBay could become a great means of liquidating slower selling merchandise. While you make money on eBay excess merchandise could be stocked and sold in the brick and mortar store.

Bulk sales of eBay merchandise could also be made to local liquidators. By adding bulk sales your purchasing power is greatly increased. That can mean lower buying costs and therefore even higher profits as you make money on eBay.

Other local sales could be made at garage sales, to consignment shops, through newspaper ads as well. In fact these outlets might be a great way to test market new items before they are purchased in higher quantities. For the seller who wants to make money on eBay using other sales outlets can be a great means of continued business growth.

To your eBay success!

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