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The internet is constantly evolving. The latest evolution is more interactivity and a focus on videos. Dozens of sites are making a living off of other people’s hard work, life stories and interesting events. People love to watch it all unfold, and they continue to add to the experience with comments of their own.

But what if YOU were rightly paid for sharing these things with others?

What if YOU found a way to capitalize on those that don’t take advantage of it?

An example: You put up a video from your last vacation, so that others can take a look (friends, family, or others traveling to the same place). Bob is planning a vacation to that spot, and watches your video to get an idea of what to expect. Bob notices an ad for vacation travel to the destination and clicks on it.

Normally, the video is hosted on a site like YouTube or Google…which means any and all advertising on the site is money in their pockets. But what if the ads that were clicked on put money into YOUR pocket?

You’re about to be introduced to a completely new way to take advantage of videos. I think it’s safe to say that videos are quickly becoming the media of choice on the internet. Until now, there was no way to compete with the big companies…they have too many resources and have built up a huge brand.

But what if you could tap into thousands of untouched markets and ride someone else’s coat tails to leverage their existing and future traffic, all the while, putting YOUR ads in front of the visitors?

You’re about to find out the one way to level the playing field and give yourself the same opportunities that you could only get by spending thousands on programming and advertising.

In fact, I’ll even hand over my step by step system that will teach you:

  • How to leverage videos, and turn them into an income, even if you don’t have a website, product or service to offer.
  • How to find videos quickly and easily, and utilize other people’s work to bring you a profit. In other words, even if you don’t personally have any videos, there are plenty of others out there to use to your advantage.
  • How you’ll be able to combine your efforts, with those of hundreds of others to create a stampede of traffic. You see, by cooperating with others, rather than competing, everyone will share the benefits of having a high traffic, highly recognized website.
  • How to easily create videos that tons of people WANT to see. . . which in turn means more money in your pockets.
  • How to quickly and easily find topics that are in high demand, and low in competition. . . giving you the extra little edge over everyone else. You don’t have to guess what people want…you’ll already know!
  • How to attract visitors from all over to your videos and your ads. Some of the techniques we talk about are using sites you probably already use. We’re just going to teach you how to leverage what you likely already use into traffic and income.
  • How to earn money from videos you had nothing to do with, and didn’t even know existed until they began putting money in your pockets.

Peter Drew is the Author and is the owner of the Free Viral Video Ebook Website


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