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A brand new “how to make money" package just got out: Profit Lance. It features a huge learning center with videos, templates you could use easily as well as numerous other resources. The layout is clear and concise and easy to navigate.

What I like about this new program is the step-by-step method they use to get you started in the right direction from the start, even though there are several different methods shown which itself can confuse some people you simply need to follow the guide and take action. Profit Lance contains a set of 15 already made affiliate websites you can use right away and 150 pre-built adsense sites. They even provide the hosting so you do not need a hosting account.

I think that any pre-made material is nice to start off but since every buyer gets the same sets there is some work you should do on them or you will compete right off the bat with all the other buyers that took the time to use them. There are no packages that you can simply plug & play and forget about it and become a millionaire overnight or we would be all billionnaires by now. You need to focus on a select ways to make money online and not get distracted from the zillion other ways of making money.

Which brings me to the main quality everybody needs to make a living off the net: focus! Not only is it the hardest part of working from your home with too much distractions but it is essential to your success. Make a task list and the next day go through the list without even looking at your emails or as I do myself read the news. That way everything you wanted to do will be done and you'll be free to do whatever you want AFTER doing the tasks. Profit Lance has a tool called online task manager to help you manage your tasks and follow up on them, it is quite handy if you ask me.

Overall I think Profit Lance is a great system but it can only work for you if you take action and focus on your goal day after day.

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