Affiliate Web Site Marketing - 3 Highly Lucrative Tactics for 2007


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For many people wanting to escape the brain dead life of being stuck in the rat race, affiliate web site marketing is the ideal solution. With a low budget, very little experience and only a couple of hours a week you can start to work your way out of your day job. The real challenge however is in making any significant money and as the most effective marketing strategies are continuously shifting, it is important to stay educated and to keep up with what’s happening in the world of online marketing.

Affiliate web site marketing has undergone many facelifts over the last ten years or so. Who would ever have thought that it would become such a major industry. Now, in 2007, we face yet another facelift and once again a whole new series of strategies are enabling affiliate marketers to establish their market positions and claim their share of the money that’s merely waiting to be taken.

One thing is for certain: if you do affiliate web site marketing like you did it six months ago, you are not going to be that successful anymore. What used to work simply isn’t that effective anymore for various reasons. The internet is a very dynamic marketplace and the rules change virtually daily. Out of the many new strategies for making money online as an affiliate, I have identified the three common trends that I believe will be at the order of the day for the next couple of years.

1. The Power of Direct Advertising

Affiliate web site marketing for many started as direct advertising and by using affiliate links in Google ads made many a start-out affiliate very rich. Back in the early days the market was wild open and this was a relatively easy method for earning huge paychecks. As the word got out and the market got flooded this method became almost obsolete and with Google tightening their rules most marketers abandoned this method completely. Until now. With many new advertising options opening up this method is once again highly lucrative and with Google expanding their advertising to television you can expect to make huge affiliate commissions with direct advertising. As most of the printed media is moving on to digital format, you can expect this trend to increase significantly in the coming few years and when you consider the prospect of digital newspapers on the immediate horizon…well you can just use your imagination.

2. Leveraging High Traffic Websites

If you have tried to break into any market with a new website in the last year or two you know how tough this has become. It’s become virtually impossible to beat the big guns and with community websites and blogs getting ‘special treatment’ from the search engines it’s become a bit of a time waster to spend months building a website. The old saying of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ is the strategy of the future. If you can’t beat the big guns, then you might as well join them and you will find that working with them will be so much easier. You can greatly increase your marketing efforts by using these high traffic and high ranking websites in your favor.

3. Leveraging Highly Successful Programs

Just like the highly successful website, the highly successful programs tend to become more popular and breaking into a market online can be virtually impossible. You might spend months developing a product only to never even get a share of the market. That’s just the nature of the internet today. Once again it’s much easier to just join them. You can actually use these highly successful products to your advantage by using them as a way to ‘work’ yourself into any market. Affiliate web site marketing is about to get ugly and in this highly competitive market no one is sure of market domination anymore.

I see these three trends become more significant over the coming couple of years and once again the playing field is opening up for those struggling to make it. Not only are more avenues opening up, but you no longer need to dominate any market to make real money. With these new strategies it is quite easy to make a lot of money by simply taking a piggyback ride on the big sites and products. No matter which way you look at it, there are still plenty of opportunity in affiliate web site marketing and with these new strategies you too can start to cash in.

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