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If you read a lot of affiliate marketing guru sales letters, you will discover that they claim that if you buy their latest e-book or software product you will make money almost overnight on the internet. Well, this is not true. It takes hard work and commitment to make even a small part-time living on the internet.

In recent years the internet and affiliate marketing has become very competitive and harder to make quick money like a lot of internet gurus claim. Yes, it can be done but there is work involved.

The number one thing you need today is knowledge. You must know your craft of internet marketing thoroughly. And, the best way to learn this is relatively inexpensive. Buy one good e-book from a recommended author and then read it a few times. Study it. Learn it. You should be able to recite it backward and forward.

Now, follow the e-book’s method. If you fail the first time and don’t make a profit, then reread the e-book. And, try again. Chances are that you didn’t follow the exact steps taught in the e-book. So, just reread and try again. It is that simple.

The downfall to most affiliate marketers is that when they fail with that e-book in their haste to succeed they then jump to the next affiliate marketing guru recommendation and try that method and if that doesn’t work then they just blame the books and buy into the next e-book and then the next e-book until they figure out they have spent thousands of dollars and nothing worked.

What this all boils down to is that the e-book is not wrong. It is just that the affiliate marketer in his haste to make money cut corners or didn’t thoroughly understand and absorb the material he has read. So, he must read and practice until it starts working.

So, affiliate marketing boils down to the one simple rule. Don’t spend too much money in the beginning on systems and e-books that are going to be stored and not read. So, read the e-book and thoroughly study its system until it returns a profit.

And, remember it is much faster and better to copy a proven method rather then reinvent the process from scratch.

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Affiliate Marketing, Is There Really Money To Be Made?
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