Free Internet Marketing Guide – Bonus Or Scam

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How many times have you seen a Free Internet Marketing Guide that is of any real use? What I want to talk about in this article is why Free Internet Marketing Guides are available and are there any lessons to be learned from them. Indeed are they a genuine bonus or just another scam?

I want my Free Lunch

There is no such thing as a free lunch, right? Correct, nobody gives anything away for nothing nowadays (if they ever did). So what’s the thinking behind these Free Internet Marketing Guides?

They are of course a very old marketing tool. You give something away for free in the hope of securing a paying customer down the line. It’s as old as the hills! There are two main ways an Internet Marketer can achieve this.

1. The guide contains links within it to certain product websites where if a purchase is subsequently made the Marketer takes his percentage.
2. The guide itself is used as enticement to get people to sign up to a mailing list whereupon they then receive mails promoting the marketer’s chosen products.

Perfectly legitimate tactics and no different to anything you see in the real world.

Spam or Not?

So are they a bonus or are they scams?

Well, the difference is very easy to spot (although it may not be apparent at first). The difference can be discerned by the quality of the guide and the usefulness of the information provided to the recipient.

And there lies the problem with spam and why we all hate it. It is totally random, inappropriate and often unreadable. You would not believe the contents of my in-tray sometimes. (But then again…you would…because you get it too, right?) I don’t know why they do it?

So, are Free Internet Marketing Guides OK, then? Well, no…the same rules apply. Often the guides are just recycled old junk that is available just about anywhere. They are sometimes so stuffed with links it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

But there are some very good ones…and this is what I fail to understand about many Internet Marketers. They do not understand the value of giving something away for free and as a result throw out any old rubbish.

Free is Good

If done correctly, a free bonus or free guide, report or newsletter can be a very powerful marketing tool. What can be even better, is a free course, particularly if aimed at beginners.

But it must be of the highest quality and targeted at the right audience. It must not be salesy or spammy in any way and must be of genuine benefit to the recipient.

Providing genuine teaching to someone who is new in a particular field will engender trust in the teacher and an immediate benefit to the pupil. As the relationship progresses and the teacher imparts more of their knowledge and experience to the pupil it is perfectly legitimate to recommend guides or products that the teacher themselves have used to get over particular road blocks.

In fact it is a win / win situation.

So, to sum up, the word ‘free’ does not always mean spam, although by all means treat it with caution. There are some excellent Free Internet Marketing guides out there and some are a real bonus and of great benefit.

I’m a full time Internet Marketer, somewhat fed up with some of the rubbish that is out there. Let’s have some quality! Come and visit my blog Review Reality and you can take my Free Five Part Internet Marketing Course You can also get your FREE e-book “How To Find Hot Niches". AND you can be absolutely assured that you will receive real quality and genuine benefit


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