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Opt in email list building is one of the most lucrative things you can do online, and I am including some opt in email tips you can use to benefit you.

One opt in email list tip is this: You can check out forums and find out what specific products people are looking for, and ask their permission to send them an email with something that might interest them. Permission is important since emailing someone without their permission is spamming, and we can all do without that. No one has any sympathy with a spammer and they should all be locked up.

Another opt in email list tip: If you are fairly experienced you could identify a niche group and build a small website of only three or four pages devoted to your product. Attract visitors from that group and persuade them to register for your regular newsletter on this niche market. You could build up a much targeted email list that you can use for a targeted email campaign. You can attract visitors through article submission or straight ppc advertising. A short ppc campaign can frequently build up a fairly reasonable list of registered emails to your website that are targeted to your specific advert.

Next in opt in email list building: Identify your targets. The second is to entice them to make the purchase. Force them to click with an offer they cannot refuse. Everybody likes something for free, even if it’s just another free ebook that they will copy and download into their unzipped folder, they will go for it. If you can provide redistribution rights, or even resale rights so that they can use the product in a positive way for them, then they will be more likely to accept your offer.

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