How To Build A Web Site 5 Strategies You Must Know For Success

Bob Burnham

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Building a web site is not rocket science but if you build your online business web site without some key strategies you will not get any traffic. There are many different webmaster styles or do it yourself software packages that can help you to build your web site but you must know some important key points before you start.

These key points are also important if you have a brick and mortar business and would like to include some additional online sales business. I have more often then not seen web sites that do not get any traffic because the website owner is not aware of certain key strategies.

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or an online business or both you have to have traffic to keep your business in the profit zone. So always consider these points when you build your web site.

5 Strategies You Must Know For Success

1. Keywords. You must target the keywords for you business niche. I have seen far to many web sites that have not taken the time to focus in on their keyword optimization. Because so many web sites don’t focus in on their keyword optimization they miss out on some free organic search traffic. I was surprised when I first started to optimize my sites just how easy it is to get first page ranking on many of my keyword terms.

2. Opt in Box. Any web site should have a way to capture names and email addresses of the visitors that come to your site. You must give your visitor something of great value to get them to give their name and email addresses. You can then keep in touch with your customers and build a relationship. The more they trust you the more they will buy.

3. Good Content. This is common sense and yet good content is often very hard to find on the internet. As search engines evolve you will find that web sites with good content will get the lion’s share of the organic traffic. Good content will also be the reasons your customers to come back to your site.

4. Auto responders. You must set up an auto responder that will automatically keep in touch with all the customers that opt in to your list. There is both software you can install on your computer or auto responder service companies you can find on the internet.

5. Expert Status. You must become the expert in your niche to draw more targeted traffic to your website. You can easily accomplish this by writing and submitting articles to Ezine Directories and have links pointing back to your site.

If this all sounds like a lot of work and too complicated let me say this. When you make the decision to get started and build a web site you will not have to do everything yourself. To learn all the various intricacies of web site building you would need a lot of time and often that is not time best spent.

You are much better just knowing the various parts that are required to build a web site and then contracting people to do the work for you. I mean you don’t have to know how to build a car to drive one but you do have to know the process to acquire and operate a car.

Bob Burnham

Author: 'How To Make A Million Dollars in Your Home Service Business'

Bob with his partner Jeff McCallum are also the founders of BurnMac Services Inc. a full service fire and flood restoration company in British Columbia, Canada.

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