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Every marketer wishes their online business to become the best out there. There are a lot of tactics marketers can use these days to sell their product. But the best marketer is the one that doesn’t even have to talk to their costumers “face-to-face”, in other words the best marketer is the one who pre-sells all his products. Blogging is a good tactic to pre-sell your products, and it is a real business-growing opportunity

Blogs are really simple to create and even easier to maintain. So from the start this is a real advantage. The key to being successful, at blogging, is quantity and quality. You will need somewhat equal amount of both these things. In order to create your “home base”, your starting point, begin by writing several blogs on a topic that somehow relates to your main website. It doesn’t really matter what’s the product you’re selling if your goal is to get traffic.

Now you will have to create your links in such a way as to make your visitors go from one blog to the other. The blog’s goal is to generate pre sold traffic to your main site and sales. So make sure that the link to your site sticks out and makes people want to come and visit you website.

Let’s say I own a membership site, people have to pay for to get into, and I want to get more people to join. Well for one I will need a very content rich website and I would also need a few subscribers every month for several months at which point a viral campaign can be started.

To achieve this I believe the best way is to use the strategy and build several blogs. Keep in mind that the topics of the blogs have to remain similar but with a twist in each of them. The visitors must be able to travel from one blog to the other and absorb unique information from each one of them. Also the key for this strategy would be to have a link to the main site always on display as if saying to your visitor “click me and join this website…there are tons of more information about the things you read in the 3 or 4 blogs you have seen this link on”.

There is a lot of hard work to blogging. If you don’t outsource some of the writing, and if you don’t have a plan from the beginning you will get discouraged. You might try to write as many blogs posts as possible for each of your blogs before you even start one.

If you attend to your blogs and post every day pretty soon you will get many loyal readers that would more than happily join your membership site, buy whatever you are selling, in other words you will soon enough gain their trust and you will be able to make them do what you need them to.

Razvan Rovinaru is the owner of the Work From Home On Line Blog, where he gives you step by step guidance on how to start and develop a successful home based internet business.

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