Internet Marketing – What I Have Done to Go From Beginner to Fulltime Online in 3 Months

Sean Mize

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When I first got started online, I thought I would make big money selling a book on time management. Christian time management at that. In January of 2006, I wrote a 180 page book on time management for Christians, and had a web site created. I drove traffic to that web site, and got really excited when I sold the first one for $15.95. That was it for me – I was hooked! I immediately saw the value of the online marketplace!

I saw that I could make money when I wasn’t working. I saw that I could make money repeatedly on efforts that I have done in the past and I could get paid on them in the future. I saw that I could write books, create web sites, and sell from those web sites even when I was not online. That meant that I could work some months, and play some months.

You see, I live in Denver, Colorado and I love to ski. I have family in Florida and love the beach. So I figured that if I set this thing up right, I could work half the time and play the other half.

It did not work exactly like that. Only about 1000 or so people search for the term ‘christian time management’ every month. So event though I was able to get that web page up to #1 in Google and Yahoo in a very short period of time, I was only selling a few books a month – not enough to work half the time and play half the time.

Unable to make a living before my savings ran out, I went back to work for a few months.

While working, I experimented with different methods of driving traffic to my web site. I learned about list building. I found that I could manipulate my sales my employing specific strategies online. I learned the value of driving traffic to my web site using articles. But I was still limited by the lack of traffic to my niche area.

In August of 2006, I decided to do this thing again fulltime, determining that I had a few months before my savings would again run out. I could always go back to work, right?

This time I decided to do things differently. Instead of writing about a topic that I thought was cool, I decided to find out what other people were looking for, and just write about that. And I found the internet marketing niche.

You might not think of internet marketing as a niche. You might think of it as a huge area online. And it is. And many people will advise anyone going into online sales to avoid internet marketing because it is so big. They will tell you that it is saturated. That people there is no way to break into internet marketing if you are new.

Well, I thought, how else do you break into something if you are new? You just do it and see what happens.

So that’s what I did. I started writing about the things that worked for me with my earlier niche web site. I told people what didn’t work. I told them what did. And I had real-life experience, something a lot of the internet marketers don’t have. I had built a niche web site and a niche product and sold it.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 400 articles in print and 8 published ebooks.


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