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After years of being online, it's great to see a new wave of individuals truly interested in started their own home businesses. For much of my time online, I've watched the wave of affiliate program promoters - who unfortunately come and go.

Under the right circumstances, affiliate marketing can be very lucrative. But it is difficult. Promoting someone else's program can be an uphill battle.

Finding one's own niche, however, can be extremely rewarding. You've now settled into an area you truly enjoy and can focus your time, energy and money promoting your very own web site.

Once you've determined what it is you can really sink your teeth into, the next step is finding effective - long-term - methods for promoting that web site.

To market one's own business, you need to key in on the search engines themselves. Warm markets for home businesses are always advisable. “Advertising, " cold marketing, becomes a sideline, an adjunct to a good internet marketing strategy.

Time-wise it is best to delegate responsibilities. To effectively market means knowing what your strong points are - and what they aren't. It is very easy to waste (and I do mean waste) the first several months flitting from method to method. People flit because they undertake concepts that they cannot possibly find the time to do effectively and efficiently. Once that method has exhausted you, often the tendency is to “flit" to the next one.

Consistency is your key to marketing. Delegating the time-consuming chores to increase your ROI is wise. Finding the best internet marketing strategy and service to do the job for you should be your #1 priority when launching any home business web site.

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Theresa Cahill has over two decades of online and offline marketing experience. Together with her business partner, Jeff Greer, they put that experience to use assisting business, home business, and store front owners in promoting their websites. You are invited to receive a FREE online marketing strategy analysis at .


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