Ebook Creation - How to Easily Write an Ebook in a Week

Sean Mize

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If you have never written an ebook, you probably think that is an incredibly impossible statement. And if you have, you know that it is possible.

My first ebook took me three months to write. My second, about three weeks. And my eighth, I actually wrote in about 1 ¼ days.

So when I say write an ebook in a week I mean it, and I have done better than that. In this article, I will simply give you the steps I used to do it and share with you a little of my mindset as I was working.

1) I sent out an email asking my subscribers what they wanted to learn more about. Once I had a feeling about what the next ebook should be about, I went into Word and wrote out an outline. The outline had the basic points of my topic, then under each basic point, I put several ‘subpoints’ that I could write about.

2) I began writing in sections - just one subtopic at a time. Do not look at the book as one huge project, look at it as many small projects, and just finish them one at a time.

3) I wrote about 5 pages one evening, then the next business day, I set a goal of writing the rest of it. I think that is the important part. In the middle of the afternoon, when my back started hurting, and I was tired, I only kept going because I had made the goal. One thing that is important here is that you have to learn to write even when you are tired. When I first started writing, I would write when I was fresh. Now I write when I tell myself I have to get the expected number of articles out, or the required number of pages out. And when I say expected or required, that is kind of how I think of them. I decide I am going to write 10 articles or 20 today, and that is usually what I do. And the same thing with the ebook. If I have decided that I want to release it on a certain day, then I have to do whatever it takes to get it ready to release that day.

4) Once it was finished, I put it down, and worked on the sales page for awhile.

5) Once I was rested from writing, I went back into it and worked on links that needed to be inserted, made headers and footers for it, ran spell check, and checked it for appearance.

6) Later that evening, I read it and corrected grammar and spelling errors not picked up by spell check (note: never trust spell check).

7) The following morning I had the sales page live and made sales by the evening.

Do I recommend you do this in one day? No, take a week or two to do what I did. But you can do it in a week or two; do not think you have to take a month or two or three. You don’t.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has created over 280 articles in print and 8 published ebooks online.


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