The Death Of Adsense: Have Your Earnings Hit Rock Bottom In Recent Months?


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I started noticing that my Adsense earnings were falling like a stone about 3 months ago. I am no guru, but for sometime now I've really valued my Adsense checks that usually arrive by special courier.

My Adsense income comes in through a couple of blogs that I run. Usually I drive free traffic to them using free keyword rich articles I write myself and nothing else. With this kind of arrangement, Google Adsense has been pretty profitable for me.

So you can understand my pain when my Adsense income went Ka-boom all of a sudden without any warning.

At first I figured that there had to be some changes Google had made (they are always making changes aren't they?) and I promised myself that I would somehow figure it out. Instead my earnings continued their free fall. Last month they hit rock bottom and I have now been busy trying to see how best to go back to some of my old haunts with my hat humbly in hand.

Then last week, totally by accident I stumbled onto some information online and everything fell into place. The mystery was explained. The reason why my earnings had suddenly crashed without any warning. The reason why my clicks were on the increase and yet I never seemed to earn more than a few miserable cents for any single miserable click.

I read Part I of the report and caught by breath for a minute staring at my computer screen in utter disbelief. The special report that I had stumbled into online talks about a site whose earnings had dropped from $30,000 a month to less than $5,000 a month, just like that. And those were the big boy gurus, what chance did small operators like me now stand?

"What was I going to do?" I kept asking myself.

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