California Long Term Care Insurance – What This State Offers That Others Don't


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The costs of long term care, just like any the costs of any health care, can be very expensive. Many people opt to purchase long term care insurance; though residents of some states feel the insurance benefits the state more than it benefits the policy holder. Fortunately for residents of sunny California, purchasing long term care insurance offers additional benefits that are not offered in most other states. This is because California has a partnership for long term care program. This means that in California, you do not have to spend your own money, commonly referred to as “spending down, ” or use all of your own assets in order to qualify for state financial aid when it comes to your health costs.

In California, there are two basic types of partnership program policies. The first one covers any health care benefits that you receive in a nursing home or assisted living facility, which are the two most expensive areas of long term care, especially in the northern states. The second type of partnership program policy covers all health care benefits, whether you receive them in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or at your own home.

Some of the most basic health and financial benefits of a California partnership program include benefits that can be received in your own home and/or a nursing home, services to help you plan and receive the long term health care you need, a deductible that you only have to pay once in your entire life, premium waivers during your stays at a nursing home or assisted living facility, and protection against inflation should the cost of long term health care rise.

Yes, California residents are quite lucky to have the option of looking into and taking part in a partnership long term care insurance program that does not require them to spend any of their own money for the costs of long term care.

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