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Gold Canyon candles are the products manufactured by the Gold Canyon Candle Company. This candle company has as its mission a commitment to helping people live well. Gold Canyon candles are designed to help people create a unique ambiance in their homes. You can only buy these candles through exclusive distributors. The company began as a home based business in a kitchen and was the brainchild of Curt and Karen Waisath. When they first started making their Gold Canyon candles, they never dreamed that it would grow into the business that it is today.

You can purchase Gold Canyon candles in many different scents, shapes and sizes. In the seasonal category, the Gold Canyon Candle Co. offers four delectable scents for you to choose from: Tahitian Escape, Patio Party, Fresh Picked and Patriotic Pride. The scent of a Tahitian Escape Gold Canyon candle will fill the room with the scent of fresh fruits, flowers and tropical woodlands designed to make you feel as if you are on your own private tropical island. Fresh picked scents give you the ambiance of juicy peach, apple or raspberry wafting through your home.

Even though the small candles from the Gold Canyon Candle Company come in 9 ounce jars, they pack a powerful punch in the amount of scent they diffuse. This size of Gold Canyon candle will burn for 40 hours because of the unique feature of double wicks, which is a standard of all the Gold Canyon candles. The Gold Canyon Candle Co. has a vast array of candles for you to choose from such as:

  • Pillar series
  • Signature series
  • Prayer Child Series
  • Inspirations
  • Baking Line’

    and more. With fragrances of sugar and spice, simply cotton, pillow talk, eucalyptus and mint, the scent of a Gold Canyon candle can take away all your cares and stress.

    You can become part of the Gold Canyon Candle Company and sell Gold Canyon candles by hosting a candle party in your home. It is easy to get started being an exclusive distributor for the Gold Canyon Candle Co and make money in your spare time. The candle company supplies you with everything you need to get started. When you host a party and sell candles from Gold Canyon, all you have to do is submit the orders. The company ships the candles to your customers, calculates your commission and takes care of the sales tax.

    Buy a demonstrator kit for selling Gold Canyon candles and save over $175. The kit contains everything you need to set up your own business, from catalogs to order forms. You can recruit people to host candle parties for you and enjoy being part of the Gold Canyon Candle Company. Once your customers see the selection available in Gold Canyon candles, you won’t have any difficulty making the sale.

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