Why Posters are Great Gifts

Rosana Hart

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Posters make great gifts. They are large but easy to ship, wrap, and give away. They are often dramatic, often reflecting a story of some sort, whether it's the latest film or the enduring stories of the Bible and literature.

Gift posters make a statement that you cared enough about your family members or friends to choose one you thought they would like.

So naturally, gift posters say something about your relationship with the person you are giving them to. Perhaps you share common interests. If you are both fans of a particular rock group, for example, a concert poster would be appropriate. If you belong to the same church, a Christian poster might be the thing. If you both love dragons. . . well, you get the idea!

Another way that you can choose gift posters is by selecting a topic that your friend or family member cares about but that you don't. This makes a statement that even though you don't happen to share that particular interest, you respect them and their interests.

Posters are good gifts for many different occasions. Christmas and birthdays, of course.

But they are inexpensive enough that you can give them to cheer someone up, or for no reason at all!

They can be used to wrap other presents. . . a tad extravagant, but fun!

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